Penis Extenders – The Small Change That Makes a Big Difference to Her

You may have noticed there are currently a lot of advertisements online for products that claim they can enlarge your penis. As you might expect with products that promise significant physical changes for little or no effort, just like with diet pills, many of these are ineffective at best and harmful at worst, but there is one genuine way to achieve penis enlargement safely at home. This is by using a penis extender which gradually and gently uses traction to cause permanent and natural growth, like the Jes Extender or the Male Edge.

Traction penis extenders work by stretching the penis gently and painlessly while you are wearing them, which in turn causes the cells to divide and multiply in a natural growth response, increasing penis mass. Techniques like this are also used to cause growth in fingers and limbs in medicine, and are also similar to those used to cause growth for more symbolic reasons, such as in tribal cultures – the plates used to cause lips to grow extremely large or the rings used by some African tribe women to give them abnormally long necks are both forms of traction.

Results of regular use of traction penis extenders have shown some quite phenomenal results. The average growth after six months of use across men of all different starting measurements is a 28% improvement in length and a 19% improvement in girth. This is important because surveys show that women find girth as important as length in terms of sexual desirability when it comes to penis size. Extending the length alone would therefore not be as beneficial.

Traction penis extenders are easy to use, pain free, natural and completely safe, and because the user decides how much bigger they want to be and how long they want to use the device, there is a lot of control. Once you are satisfied with the growth you've achieved, you just stop using the device – the results you have already got will remain with you permanently.

With women expressing a clear preference for larger penises, and so many men unhappy with their own size, penis extenders are becoming a more and more popular way to improve your self confidence, and become more desirable to your current or future partners. Surprisingly, these devices are not only popular with men who consider themselves to be small, but with men of all different sizes who would simply like the power to gain a little extra where it counts.

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